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Rising star Nick Simmons, otherwise known as YBN Nahmir is a talented Hip-Hop rapper from Birmingham, Alabama. His first single Rubbin Off The Paint which reached 46 in the billboard hot 100. His style is defined by cultural touchstones such as SpongeBob SquarePants and Rick and Morty, listen closely and you might recognise some characters in his samples. The 17-year old spent most of his time gaming, watching cartoons and meeting people online, specifically likeminded music fans from the West Coast. This lead to freestyling over XBOX live to his new acquaintances. Quickly inspiring him to get serious about rapping, Simmons started recording his own freestyles and uploading them on YouTube. Finding producers to collaborate came naturally to Simmons. Despite his age, Nick is a realist and is still studying. His basic setup at home consists of a blue snowball mix and a mix craft 8, the simple set up gives way for his creativity to blossom. You can hear YBN Nahmir’s television and game inspiration in his music, paving the way for a new generation of rappers brought up with technology. Inspired by other rappers like Mozzy, Yatta, Lil Yase. With 2 Mixtapes out already at the age of 17, expect a lot more from this talented upcomer.


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