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WRKINSILENCE is an up-and-coming neo-R&B artist from Riverside, California who maintains both a personal and concealed relationship with his fans. How? He’s open enough to put his cellphone number in his Spotify bio, encouraging fans to text him, but also private enough to always wear a mask and hide his true identity. WRKINSILENCE cares deeply about not having his physical appearance influence the auditory experience of listening to his music. But his privacy with his face doesn’t reflect in his lyrics, for his words are notorious for being punchy and bold. His melodies have been said to have a natural flow, and once that’s paired with the glossy production and the honesty of his lyrics, it immediately captures fans, leading him to 45,000 Instagram followers, and over 200,000 streams on countless Spotify smash singles. He’s also made fans out of Kevin Durant, Belly, PNB Rock, and Jake Paul. WRKINSILENCE prides himself on being a self-made artist. The artist’s most recent release was the single “7 DAYS”, shared at the end of November 2019, a sensual number that has stoked anticipation for his next release and broadened his rapidly growing fanbase even further.


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