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Baltimore based singer Ultra Nate had a concession of hits throughout the 1990s. Ever since Ultra released the internationally renowned deep house classic ‘It’s Over Now’ with the esteemed Basement Boys in the late 80s, which led to her equally eminent debut album Blue Notes in the Basement, she has been a perennial force in dance music. Considering the ephemeral nature of dance music, Naté’s endurance attests to her musical acumen. She attributes solid song-writing skills to her longevity. 1991’s Blue Notes in the Basement kicked off Naté’s career as an artist who could deliver albums as opposed to a string of singles; songs like ‘Deeper Love’ and ‘Rejoicing’ became instant DJ staples. Next to her instantly recognizable husky voice, her sheer versatility serves as a high trump card. On Grime, Silk & Thunder she covers the waterfront of pop, club and DJ culture, ranging from glittery, anthemic, crystal ball swirling gems like ‘Give It All You Got’, ‘Star’ and the classic ‘Scandal’, to ‘Automatic’, ‘Falling’, ‘Feel Love’, ‘This House’ and an inspired makeover of her breakthrough single ‘It’s Over Now’. In her time Uktar has also worked with the likes of Eric Kupper, Quentin Harris, Dajae, Andre Levin, Mood II Swing, N’Dea Davenport, Morgan Page, GoodandEvil, The MuthaFunkaz and many more. In an era of 15-minute divas, Ultar Nate’s albums are an apt and passionate portrait of a remarkable, versatile singer, songwriter and producer who has survived the cutthroat music business by being resilient, regal and real.