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There are some groups who will be etched into the history books thanks to one particular song, a singular and iconic track that’s universally known and adored by all. The Weather Girls, though talented musicians with an extensive discography, are one of those groups. The song they’ll forever be known for is the 1982 classic ‘It’s Raining Men’, a joyous ode to flagrant sexuality that became not only a wedding-disco classic, but an anthem for the global gay scene. This party-starting mega-hit single debuted at No 1 on Billboard’s Dance Chart, placing highly on the Hot 100 later in the year – it’s success wasn’t limited to the US, though – ‘It’s Raining Men’ peaked at No 2 in the UK, No 5 in Ireland, No 8 in Norway and even spread halfway around the world to New Zealand, where it narrowly missed the Top 10. Selling over six million copies worldwide, the song undoubtedly remains one of the ‘80s best-loved singles and a tune known across the globe. After the explosive success The Weather Girls found with ‘It’s Raining Men’, their line-up changed before they released three albums, toured extensively throughout Europe and represented Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest. The Weather Girls is now made up of original member Martha Wash’s daughter and her cousin – two stellar performers that are keeping the spirit of the group alive, continuing to record and perform at clubs and festivals worldwide.