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Compton, California has produced more than its fair share of hip-hop innovators over the last decade, yet many would argue that few contemporary talents would have reached such heights without the influence of Jayceon Terrell Taylor: The Game. His debut full-length album, The Documentary, hit double-platinum status within a year of its release and alongside its successor, the highly acclaimed Doctor’s Advocate, is considered largely responsible for reclaiming the West Coast’s position as the dominant strain of mainstream hip-hop at a time when the East Coast was holding the throne. The Game’s musical career began with the mixtape You Know What It Is Vol.1, a product of many months spent diligently studying hip hop’s most influential artists. His dedication quickly paid off, earning him the attention of both Sean Combs and Dr. Dre, the latter of whom signed him to Aftermath Entertainment in 2003. Under Dre’s mentorship, The Documentary hit #1 on the Billboard 200 in 2005, a feat he repeated, all the more impressively, just one year later with Doctor’s Advocate on Geffen Records, awarded best hip-hop album of 2006 by The New York Times. Even after releasing two paradigm-shifting albums so early in his career, The Game has continued to consistently record successful albums, most recently in 2016 with 1992, his ninth album to reach the US Top 10. While The Game’s smooth, husky delivery and intricate, conscious lyricism will forever reserve him a place in the hip-hop canon, his effortless charisma in front of the camera has earned him numerous on-screen opportunities too, including a role 2019 blockbuster All-Star Weekend alongside Hollywood regulars Jamie Foxx, Robert Downey Jr. and Gerard Butler.