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The Four Owls are a UK Hip Hop collective consisting of BIG OWL (FLIPTRIX), BIRD T (VERB T), RUSTY TAKE OFF (BVA) and DEFORMED WING (LEAF DOG), signed to High Focus Records. Since their inception in 2011, the masked crew have quite simply been dominating the UK Hip Hop scene, their inaugural record ‘Nature’s Greatest Mystery’ is one of the UK’s top selling Hip Hop works. ‘Natures Greatest Mystery’ is the bench mark for UK Hip Hop, an essential record for any student of the genre, with videos such as ‘Life in the Balance’ reaching 2.8 million views on YouTube and counting. The group are produced by The Four Owls very own LEAF DOG who has produced for Hip Hop legends such as WU Tang Clan, Vinnie Paz of Jedi Mind Tricks, Kool G Rap and many more. In short, The Four Owls maintain a sound which is truly Hip Hop in its purest form, and have been destroying every P.A. system the world over – through this, The Four Owls live shows have become notorious, for featuring high energy crowds, owls and beats, slick rhymes tied with incredible lyricism and above all an astonishing atmosphere. Being known for marrying modern vibes, straight up beats, conceptual brilliance and lyrical purity has really made them stand out from the crowd. Their incredible flow, lyrics and unrivalled, electrifying live performances have earned them a collaboration with Gang Starr’s very own DJ Premier in the form of ‘Think Twice’, which has achieved over 1.6 million views on YouTube alone. ‘Think Twice’ marked the birth of their second album ‘Natural Order’ in 2015, this set the music world ablaze making waves worldwide and propelled the group to reach No. 1 in the iTunes Hip Hop charts. The release meant that The Four Owls have set the bar even higher than before receiving even bigger critical acclaim: Wordplay Magazine: “No longer are The Four Owls just a group of talented emcees, but also a collective able to soar with the likes of DJ Premier and ruffle the feathers of the games finest, they command not only respect but admiration too. Cultured Vultures: “This is a culmination of years of work and rapid growth and you can hear it in every bar and sample. The Four Owls are back and they demand attention.” Rhyme on Beat: “All factors considered, Natural Order ticks all the boxes you would consider in judging a great rap album; it has the production, the flows and a variety in subject matter.” The Four Owls have such an ever growing profile, two incredibly well received releases and a plethora of shows under their belt that there is definitely much more to come from this most unique and inspiring collective.


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