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Swing Republic is a modern electro swing band that takes influences from a whole world of music and culture. Fito Bolai is the front man and is someone who always marries spirituality with real world emotion and uses futuristic technology to do so, but the band originally started as a side project that remixed old swing songs. Nowadays they have created a wealth of their own tracks, have released 12″s and three full lengths and work closely with the Brighton based indie label Freshly Squeezed. They have now sold tens of thousands of records and are selling out shows all over the world with the vocal talents of Karina Kappel. “Emotional Technology” is one of the main concepts of this musical project and so interactions between man and machines are always at the forefront. The group’s skilful manipulation of live and recorded and physical rhythm makes them really stand out as they marry the influences of legendary jazz artists, old movies and complex emotional communications in their output. This Danish band have won “Best artist” and “Best album” in “ElectroSwing People Favorites of 2011 and continue to fuse styles like few other bands out there.


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