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Touring for over a decade, Sublime with Rome are a successful reincarnation of the iconic ska-punk band, Sublime, best known around the world for the hit singles ‘Santeria’ and ‘What I Got’. Filling their sets with covers of the original trio, Sublime with Rome consists of the band’s first bass player, Eric Wilson, and singer-guitarist, Rome Ramírez. Together, they have kept the influence and spirit of ska-punk alive across the globe. Best known as ‘Rome’, Ramírez was discovered by Wilson in 2009 during a jam-session in a studio with mutual friends. Though younger than Wilson, Ramírezalready had an impressive knowledge of the band’s discography and impressed Wilson with his musical talent. They quickly debuted at the 2009 Smokeout Festival in California and have been touring ever since. They have not only breathed life back into original Sublime tracks but have also been successful in releasing their own singles, such as ‘Panic’ and ‘Sirens’, selling upwards of 17 million albums worldwide. With supporters spreading from Japan, Mexico, the UK and beyond, Ramírez and Wilson have spoken openly about dedicating their latest album, Blessings, to their fans and lifelong supporters of the ska-punk genre. Produced by Rob Cavallo (Green Day, Paramore, Linkin Park), they describe it as a ‘ten year recap’ of their interaction with the international community. Ramírez has also set up his own YouTube channel, where he now live-streams studio sessions with viewers, giving a new transparency to the music-making process. Their ability to keep a consistent connection with an ever-growing and devoted fanbase proves that there is no sign of this band’s fire going out any time soon.