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American rapper Phillip Katsabanis – better known under the stage name ‘Stitches’ – is as controversial as they come. His explosive brand of hip-hop fuses industrial-strength trap beats with unapologetic lyrics that provide a bleak insight into the realities of life on the streets of Florida. Stitches became a viral internet sensation overnight after his breakout hit “Brick In Yo Face” exploded on the web, racking up 2 million Facebook shares and 13 million views on WorldStar Hip Hop while provoking controversy across the music world. The track has since gained over 26 million views, remaining as popular as ever. Stitches followed this initial success with his debut mixtape “No Snitching Is My Statement” and the electrifying debut album “For Drug Dealers Only”. Both projects featured uproarious beats and provocative lyrics, exposing the criminality and violence that’s part and parcel of the rapper’s lifestyle. Thousands of fans have responded to the brutal honesty and unadulterated confidence that makes his music so exhilarating, propelling Stitches into international fame and internet stardom and leading to sold-out tours that have taken his inflammatory live performances across the U.S and beyond. With his distinctive facial tattoos and volatile personality, Stitches is an unforgettable character that’s become infamous throughout the hip-hop and rap scenes for his inflammatory attitude and unrestrained aggression. Since his debut, Stitches has collaborated with artists across the hip-hop scene including NBA Youngboy, Kevin Gates, Scott Storch, Compton Menace, Trinidad James, Cash Money AP and Kevin Rudolf. His discography spans three mixtapes and four studio albums that have topped 70 million streams across all platforms: “Tales of a Drug Lord”, “Cocaine Holiday”, “I Need Rehab” and “Bipolar.” As his career has progressed, his internet popularity hasn’t stopped growing, and with 1.7m followers on Instagram, the rapper boasts a dedicated following that worship at the altar of his shameless effrontery. Rapper, performer, radical and firebrand, Stitches continues to record and tour throughout 2018 and beyond.


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