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American alternative rock band the Social Animals have been together since 2012, and have built up a loyal following of fans around the world. When the band first formed nearly 10 years ago, Minnesota had a very small music scene, with just a few musicians in the whole city. Naturally, vocalist and guitarist Dedric Clark and Tony Petersen who plays lead guitar came across each other and started playing music together. They then met the final two players in the band, Boyd Smith and Roger Whittet, by chance and invited them to join them on tour, and haven’t looked back since. A lot of their early success was self-made, booking long tours across parts of the US after they made the move to the more musically diverse city of Portland, Oregon. The Social Animals then caught the attention of record label Hard 8 Working Group Management who signed them and started to secure bigger and bigger shows for the band, including slots at festivals such as Summerfest and Firefly Music Festival. 2017 saw them release their first single and tour with the All-American Rejects and Dashboard Confessional, and by now they were known across the US for their unique sound and infectious energy. Most recently, Social Animals have signed with Rise Records and released three more singles in the run up to their debut album. They released 2 EPs in 2020, and continue to work on exciting new projects while building their worldwide fanbase and preparing for an Autumn tour in the UK.