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Shontelle calls the knowledge she has acquired over the years ‘Shontelligence’. It’s also the title of her 2008 debut album. Shontelligence informs all of her work as a songwriter, singer, lawyer and rising star. This may not sound like an ordinary combination, but Shontelle is no ordinary artist. The Barbadian singer-songwriter took the world by storm with her single ‘T-Shirt’, which received huge international acclaim and success. Many great artists have lined up to work with Shontelle, including Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Pitbull, Akon and New Kids on the Block. Shontelle’s story started in Barbados, where she excelled in the classroom and on the sports field, but she was always destined for the stage. Her aunt was a successful artist in Barbados and she encouraged Shontelle to follow her dreams. During her school years, Shontelle attended summer camp with future superstar singer Rihanna. Serving as her drill sergeant, Shontelle once made Rihanna drop and give her ten push-ups. The pair joke about it now. Neither of them knew they would remain good friends as they both ascended to international stardom. Shontelle then studied law at university, which she says opened her mind to different ideas and informed her creative process. After that, Shontelle’s musical career went into overdrive. She was signed by a Barbadian manager and wrote songs for the biggest artists on the island. The very same producers who discovered Rihanna heard the Shontelle-penned ‘Roll’ on the radio and met her to ask about licensing it for a cover version. By the end of that meeting they had signed Shontelle as a solo artist. Shontelle went on to record three studio albums, the third of which is upcoming, and have numerous international chart hits.


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