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American disco and dance group Shalamar was one of the biggest acts of the seventies and eighties and is still going strong today. They were formed by Soul Train’s booking agent Dick Griffey and the legendary show’s creator Don Cornelius in 1977. Fresh off the back of 18 tour dates in the UK and Holland, the group now features the talented line-up of Howard Hewett, Jeffrey Daniel and Carolyn Griffey. The first two have been working together since 1999, with Carolyn joining in 2001, and as such they continue to sell out large venues, including London’s Indigo six years in a row, where they perform mesmeric shows that mix up old and new material and always get the audience going. Howard is the original voice of the group and is the soulful singer behind all the band’s biggest hits, while Jeffrey — formerly a mentor to Michael Jackson — helped bring street dance styles to mean stream popularity, so is a truly unique talent. The multi million selling band, also seen as trendsetters and fashion icons with a real visual presence on stage, had a long strings of memorable hits including “Take That To The Bank” in 1978 and “I Owe You One” back in 1980. Great albums like Friends in 1982 were also hugely successful and always mix up fresh dance styles with real soul and dazzling disco atmospheres. At a Shalamar show you can look forward to hearing new life breathed into classics like “A Night To Remember,” and “The Second Time Around.”


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