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Seranation are afresh sounding reggae band hailing from the sunny beach town of St. Petersburg,Florida. The tropical band combines elements of pop, reggae and rock to createa whole new style of sound that’s stunned both critics and fans. In early 2014,Seranation broke out in the reggae-pop scene with the release of their firststudio album, Island Thinkin’. This debut album quickly gained popularity, appealingto fun-loving island rock fans everywhere. The up-and-coming reggae band features the talented J. Carter on lead vocals, Adam Hocker shredding guitar while also hitting the backup vocals, Bianca Schlosser on Bass and backup vocals, Beard adding the lovely sounds of the keys and sax, Joshua Baron banging the drums, and Matt Knabe on rhythm guitar. All six of them together formulate the best island jams that can be heard on the scene today: the tropical rock band’s sound can be compared to popular rock and reggae groups like Shaggy, The Dirty Heads, and Sublime. Just recently, the band had the opportunity to tour with the California-based pop reggae band, The Holdup. Seranation are known for putting their heartand soul into their music. To see them play is a wave a positive emotions andlove from the crowd. Their performances have been described as “summer on stageno matter the season.” Nowadays, you can catch the band performing live inbetween recording sessions for their second studio album.


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