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Sem & Stènn met in 2011 whilst the duo were pursuing DJ careers at Milan’s trendiest clubs (Rocket, Plastic, and more). Both DJs gravitated towards a darkwave, electropop sound, and in 2016 they teamed up to release their first record ‘Wearing Jewels & Socks’. Sem & Stènn took inspiration from Basement Jaxx, Justice, Goldfrapp, Robyn, The Beastie Boys, Pet Shop Boys, and many more when crafting their sound and identity as a duo. They promoted their early music all over Italy and France, opening for The Garden at Magnolia in Milan. In summer 2017 Sem & Stènn auditioned for The X Factor in Italy with their own composition ‘The Fair’. Based on their talents for singing and arrangement, the pair made it all the way to the final 12. The made a name for themselves performing reworkings of ‘The Dope Show’ by Marilyn Manson’, ‘This Is Not A Love Song’ by PIL, and ‘Let’s Go To Bed’ by The Cure. Every Sem & Stènn performance left audiences thrilled, and received a glowing write-up in Rolling Stone Italia. After The X Factor, the pair made the cover of Pride Italia and accepted the Diversity Media Award for ‘Best TV Show’ on behalf of X Factor Italia for their contributions to highlighting the importance of LGBT+ values to Italian society. Sem & Stènn’s debut LP OFFBEAT spawned the singles ‘The Fair’ and ‘Baby Run’ which featured X Factor coach Manuel Agnelli of Afterhours. The OFFBEAT tour saw the duo travel all over Italy, wowing crowds with their club-honed skills and prime time-ready performances.


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