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Sebastian Yatra is a Colombian singer and songwriter. He rose to fame in 2016 with the release of his hit song Traicionera. He has previously worked with artists such as Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin and Alejandro Fernandez. From a young age Yatra has been obsessed with music, often inspired by Colombian and American sounds. He studied piano, guitar and vocal techniques as well as being an avid footballer. After he started writing music in 2013, his first single El Pricologo charted in Colombia and made him a household name. By experimenting with different musical techniques, he has learnt a lot by playing different instruments and combining them with his melodic voice and sentimental lyrics. Yatra is considered one of Colombia’s biggest talents, he skilfully writes all his lyrics as well as the music. The deep-rooted passion for music he has can be heard in his voice and the lyrics reflect his dreams, feelings of nostalgia and his bohemian character. The release of his debut mixtape in 2016 led to a string of hit singles and he later received various nominations for the Latin Grammy awards. Not only have the singles become hits but they’ve been remixed by producers like Kevin ADG, Chan El Genio and Dandee which secured his success as a top international artist.


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