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One of the most successful German single-record groups, this dance outfit has sold over 30 million records, earned over 80 Gold and Platinum awards and boast an astonishing 23 top ten hits. Founded in Hamburg, Scooter is made up of Austrain composer Phil Speiser, German DJ Michael Simon and the group’s founder, H.P. Baxxter. With a long and illustrious career, Scooter have released a total of 19 albums between the years 1995 and 2017. Their most loved tracks include, ‘Hyper Hyper’, ‘Move Your Ass!’, ‘How Much Is The Fish?’, ‘Ramp! (The Logical Song)’, ‘Nessaja’, ‘Weekend’, ‘Maria (I Like It Loud)’ and ‘The Question Is, What Is the Question?’ They have won numerous accolades for their work, not least including 2003 & 2004’s Viva Comet Award for Best Dance Act, 2003’s Echo Award for Best Dance Single, 2009’s Dome Award for 20 Performances At The Dome and most recently, 2010’s Viva Platinum Comet Award for All Time Most Played. Collaborating with international artists like Fatman Scoop on ‘Behind the Cow’, Bloodhound Gang’s Jimmy Pop on ‘The Shit That Killed Elvis’, legendary rock group Status Quo on ‘Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want)’ and Wiz Khalifa on ‘Bigroom Blitz’, Scooter have become an important act in the landscape of contemporary pop. Boasting a total of 13 tours from 1997 to 2018, headlining 2008’s Clubland Live Tour and 2012’s We Love The 90’s Tour, Scooter put on show stopping performances wherever they land.