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Rylo Rodriguez is a fresh new face on the rap scene who reinvents classic R&B songs like they’re his own. Sampling backing tracks from artists such as Tamia, Ruth B, Leon Bridges and Mariah Carey, Rodriguez has racked up millions of hits on YouTube, as well as feature articles from Rolling Stone, where Charles Holmes called him “a captivating storyteller.” When Rodriguez isn’t sampling, you can often find him collaborating with Lil Baby, who he came in contact with early in his career. Together, they’ve climbed the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 list with two different hits: “No Friends,” where Rodriguez featured, peaking at 17, and “Forget That,” where both were equally credited, reaching 11 in chart position. Alone, Rodriguez’s original content has amassed hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify. And although his sampling work can’t be found on streaming services due to copyright issues, he can hold his own, no matter what creative avenue he takes. And Rodriguez’s following is only growing. With 57K followers on Twitter, 131K on Facebook, 145K subscribers on YouTube, and 618K followers on Instagram, he’s built a prominent fanbase eager to see what he releases next. One of his most popular videos is a reinvention of Mariah Carey’s “Always Be My Baby,” which Rodriguez coined “Project Baby,” covering what it was like for him to grow up in the projects. The music video reached eleven million viewers. Following his success, Rodriguez was the center subject of the documentary “Golden Child,” where he returned to Alabama to create his debut, original album.


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