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Run-DMC are a world famous, legendary and hugely influential rap and hip hop group who single-handedly pioneered a new sound that continues to resonate to this day. They were there when the genre first emerged and made a style all of their own as the first ever fully hardcore rap outfit. Known for their sparse beats and drums, big influences taken from heavy metal and tough moods, the group were the most menacing of their generation. Their first single proved their most popular and is still a widely played classic – it was “It’s Like That”/”Sucker M.C.’s,” on Profile Records and sounded like little else at the time. Blunt, to the point and raw, it capture the zeitgeist and feature lots of fluid lyrics that really meant something. It soon became a Top 20 R&B hit, and the bands follow up release _”Hard Times”/”Jam Master Jay” also rose up the charts, whilst more hits followed in the 80s in the form of “Rock Box” and “30 Days” and then came their debut full length. By 1985 the band had become the most prominent crew of rappers in all of America, and this was confirmed with their second album, King of Rock, which spawned singles like “King of Rock,” “You Talk Too Much,” and “Can You Rock It Like This.” The same year also brought the band’s debut movie appearance when they stared in Krush Groove, and along with them start like Kurtis Blow, the Beastie Boys, and the Fat Boys also featured. Run-DMC’s unique passion for blending _rock and rap broke into the mainstream with their third album, 1986’s Raising Hell, which came hot on the heels of another Top Ten hit in the form of My Adidas.” Of course, their biggest every hit was a cover of Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way.”


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