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A legendary singer, songwriter, composer, and actor, Ruben Blades is a unique talent with an unbelievable career. He is one of the most well-known salsa musicians of all time and has also found considerable success in Hollywood. Blades was born in Panama and attended law school before moving to New York. He then started working in the mailroom at Fania Records and eventually began writing songs and releasing music. His 1977 album Metiendo Mano featured the famous track “Pablo Pueblo”, while his 1978 album Siembra with Willie Colon was the world’s best-selling salsa album for several decades. Blades’ track “Pedro Navaja” is considered the most popular salsa song ever, and he also wrote the Hector Lavoe song “El Cantante”. Blades continues to release new music and has won a total of nine Grammy Awards and five Latin Grammys. His career as an actor started with The Last Fight in 1983 followed by appearances in The Super, Predator 2, Color of Night, Spin, Safe House, and Hands of Stone. He has received three Emmy nominations for his appearances in TV movies and starred in the only season of Gideon’s Crossing on ABC. More recently, Blades has starred as Daniel Salazar, a main character in over 40 episodes of the TV series Fear The Walking Dead. Blades notably ran for the Panamanian presidency in 1994, finishing with a respectable 17% of the vote. He has also starred in Broadway musicals including Paul Simon’s The Capeman. An incredible singer with a decorated acting career, Ruben Blades is a truly special talent.


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