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Rombai is a pop group made up of band members from across South America, who blend Latin influences together to form their own unique sound. The band was started as a hobby, by a group of friends who met while they were studying at ORT Uruguay University. Initially making music was a fun project on the side of their studies, but when their first single Locuras Contigo became an overnight YouTube sensation they soon decided to pursue their passion for music. Using their online platform as well as local and regional radio coverage, Rombai began to make a name for themselves. Montevideo Music Group heard some of their tracks and instantly signed the group, led by founder Fer Vazquez, with the band’s music becoming popular across South America including Colombia, Bolivia and Argentina. They dominated the streaming charts, racking up millions of views on their YouTube videos and gaining a huge social media following overnight. Rombai’s fame grew, with more singles quickly following, as well as numerous tour dates, live shows and television appearances. In 2016 the band released their debut album, De Fiesta, as well as announcing lineup changes which saw several fresh faces added to the group. With their electro-cumbia fusion style, Rombai have continued to go from strength to strength, recently gaining a following in the US and across Europe. Their 2018 track Me Voy became the fifth most listened to song that year in Colombia, as well as coming in the top ten most listened to tracks in five other countries.


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