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Musician, singer and songwriter Roger Hodgson has made an indelible mark on the music industry. Best known as former co-frontman and founding member of the English rock band Supertramp, he played a central role in many of their most successful releases. These include timeless hits such as ‘Give a Little Bit,’ ‘Breakfast in America,’ ‘It’s Raining Again,’ ‘Take the Long Way Home,’ ‘The Logical Song,’ and ‘Dreamer’. The latter song, their first hit single, charted at No 1 in Canada and boosted the sales of the album Breakfast in America to 20 million copies. After leaving the band in 1983, Hodgson recorded his first solo album, In the Eye of the Storm, released in 1984. The internationally acclaimed debut project sold over two million copies, with two singles placing highly in the Billboard charts. Hodgson has released five studio albums to date, and alive performance DVD, ‘Take the Long Way Home—Live in Montreal,’ that wentplatinum within seven weeks. International tours have taken him Brazil, Spain,Uruguay, and Monaco: he’s also travelled with Ringo Starr as a member of hisall-star band, and starred in the Celtic rock-opera Excalibur: La Legende DesCeltes as King Arthur. Even now, Hodgson continues to sell out shows, treating captivatedaudiences to the passionate melodies and stellar performances that have alwaysset him apart. Hodgson is currently taking a ‘Breakfast In America’ 40th-anniversarytour across the globe, with sold-out dates in the calendar throughout 2019.


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