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Having sold over 30 million records, American Richard Marxis one of the standout pop and rock singers of his generation. The Chicagoan isalso a producer and musician with stream of big hits under his belt, such asthe classic 80’s tunes “Endless Summer Nights,” “Hazard” and “Right HereWaiting.” These successes have helped establish Marx around the world as amusical icon, earning a huge fan base that follow him to this day. Marx’s hugely popular releases helped him become the firstsolo artist to have his first seven singles hit the Top 5 on the Billboard Hot100 chart. Owing to his credentials, Marx has often collaborated with fellowgiants of the music industry such as NSYNC and Luther Vandross, with whom hecreated the magical and iconic song ‘Dance With My Father’, an instant classicthat went on to win several Grammy Awards. Continuing to turn out hits to this day, Marx has appearedin the charts for four decades, through both his own songs and hits that he’swritten for others. His popularity transcends music and has led to celebrityendorsements for various big companies, in addition to commercial work forHotelsCombined and performances at high-profile events. Still very much at thetop of his game and wildly popular, this legendary pop star continues to makewaves more than forty years after he first shot to fame.


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