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Red Box are a British pop group, drawing influence from elements of new wave and world music to create a sound they define as tribal pop. Founded in the early 1980s by Simon Toulson-Clarke and Julian Close, they are perhaps best known for their ambitious, eclectic debut album The Circle & The Square, released in 1986. They have released three follow-up albums: Motive (1990); Plenty (2010); and Chase the Setting Sun (2019). Red Box’s debut, The Circle & The Square, was released to critical acclaim and well-received globally, topping charts across the world and spawning several radio favourites. Red Box scored two UK Top Ten hits with lead singles from the album: ‘Lean On Me (Ah-Li-Ayo)’, released in 1985, charted at No 3 in the UK and remained there for over a month, and ‘For America’, released in 1986, reached the Top 10. They have since released a several additional singles, most notably ‘Train’ from second album Motive, ‘The Sign’ and ‘Hurricane’ from their third LP Plenty (achieving number one status in Poland with) and ‘This Is What We Came For’ from fourth studio album Chase the Setting Sun. Since reforming in 2010, Red Box have toured extensively, now led by founding singer-songwriter Simon Toulson-Clarke alongside a stellar line-up of supporting players. In the intervening years, Toulson-Clarke remained heavily involved in the music industry, balancing various roles as a sound engineer, producer and songwriter, while working as a music consultant for East West Records’ A&R department. He contributed and collaborated on songs for musician Miguel Bosé, shared co-writing credits with R.E.M frontman Michael Stipe, and released music as part of the band SPA.