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Ragheb Alama is a Lebanese singer, composer, television personality and philanthropist whose life in the spotlight began after competing on the Lebanese talent show Studio El Fan. His sensuous voice and natural talent immediately won the hearts of millions of viewers and quickly turned him into a star. Following his success on the show, Alama began releasing timeless studio albums like Ya Rayt and Al Hadiya, both of which cemented his status as an Arabic pop icon. He made history with his No 1 hit single, ‘Alby Esheqha’ (My Heart Adores You), as the first ever Arabic artist to film a music video for their single release. As the next step in his extraordinary career, Alama created his own production company, Backstage Production, under which he released yet another sensational studio album, Baa’sha’ak. The album sold remarkably well, earning Alama Virgin Megastores’ Platinum certification. A few years later, his prominence reached new heights when he collaborated with the multi-talented, universal superstar Shakira on their hot single ‘Good Stuff.’ After the song’s international success, Alama included it in a compilation album entitled Starz Vol. 1, which became the first album by an Arab artist to be sold at Starbucks, etching Alama another place in the musical history books. Aside from his musical accomplishments, Alama has also contributed to charitable efforts surrounding education, and was appointed by the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) as the UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador of West Asia. As ambassador, he helps to address issues involving climate change while offering continued support to the broader humanitarian efforts undertaken by the UNEP.


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