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Michigan born R&B singer and Youtuber Queen Naija brings her exciting personality to all she does. Whether it’s a vlog or smash single, her electrifying nature touches all those around her. Known early on due to her 2014 appearance on American Idol and YouTube career, Queen Naija has since brought her talents front and centre. In December of 2017, her debut single, “Medicine”, ranked 45 on the Billboard’s Top 100. Since then, it has amassed 82 million views on YouTube and over 130 streams on Spotify. Then signing to Capitol Records in April of 2018, she released her second single, “Karma”, which went on to rank 63, with hundreds of millions of views on YouTube. Her self-titled 2018 EP brought her to new heights, ranking 26 on Billboard’s Top 100 and solidified her place as a force to contend with. All while establishing her musical talent, Queen Naija has continued being a YouTube sensation. On her channel, she shares her bubbly personality with the world through vlogs – some fun and others deeply personal. She currently holds over 4 million subscribers. And all during this success, she has continued to compose – having recently (October 2020) released her first album Missunderstood. Weeks before the album release, she dropped several of the album’s singles, including “Pack Lite” and “Lie to Me” (featuring Lil Durk). Each achieved millions of views and streams. The album includes 18 songs and features artists such as Jacquees, Toosii, Mulatto, Pretty Vee and many others. Queen Naija shares her vivacious sounds and personality everywhere and her unapologetic strength has and will continue to bring her to new heights.