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The amazing Country band Pecos & the Rooftops are a close knit group of friends from northeast Texas, who came together while in college in Lubbock. The band features Pecos Hurley on vocals and acoustic guitar, Brandon Jones on rhythm guitar, Zack Foster on lead guitar, Kalen Davis on bass, and Kade Trentham on drums. Their debut single, This Damn Song, was released in 2019, and their debut album, Cabin Fever, came out in 2021. The band’s name came about when the lads started sharing a house together while at college. They used to throw parties and would inevitably end up on the roof where they also started playing their instruments. Prior to that, Hurley had written a few songs with Kalen Davis, and they all decided to start playing music together, which soon turned into a band set up in their kitchen. The group released their first single, This Damn Song, in April 2019, and in just under two months, the song had amassed 90,000 streams on Spotify, and nearly 20,000 additional views on YouTube. A six song EP, Red Eye, came out a year later, and since then the band have gone from strength to strength regularly performing to sell-out crowds. They released their debut album, Cabin Fever, in 2021. Pecos & the Rooftops regularly connect with their legions of followers and fans through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, posting pictures and videos about their lives both on and off the stage and in and out of the recording studio. The band also has a dedicated YouTube channel, Pecos & The Rooftops, and an official website, Hurley himself is available for that personalised shout-out via the Cameo platform.


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