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OneRepublic were formed by Ryan Tedder and Zach Filkins in 2002. They met in their senior year in high school in Colorado Springs. Before making music under the moniker OneRepublic, they formed a band called This Beautiful Mess and played one talent show but broke up after a week. They vowed to spend their time and energy sharpening their skills as musicians and songwriters before making another leap into band life again. "Most bands they play for years and they suck," Ryan said. "They figure out writing on the back end if they figure it out at all. I always wanted to know that as long as I was alive, I could write the kind of songs that would be hits so I would have a career." Between his junior and senior years at college, Ryan won an MTV songwriting contest and got a record deal but walked away from the opportunity. He wanted something deeper and felt he had more to learn. So at age 19, he moved to Nashville and learned what it takes to be a good songwriter. "I had the advantage of seeing all these artists coming through and seeing the ones that worked and the ones that didn't," he stated. "I learned that people who write great songs are the ones that have careers." At about that time, Timbaland, who'd seen Ryan on MTV offered him a production deal and a chance to work together in Miami.


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