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OMB Peezy is currently dominating both the hip-hop and trapscenes with raw, cutting lyricism that’s true to the streets. He’s racked upYouTube views in the tens of millions, featuring regularly in collaborationswith chart-topping household names. The rapper is best known for a series ofhits including ‘Lay Down’, ‘When I Was Down’, ‘Porch’ and, ‘Yeah Yeah’. Hisgritty, uncompromising style is disarmingly honest: a more genuinerepresentation of the hood lifestyle is hard to find. With the launch of his impressive studio album Preacher toThe Streets hot off the press and sales skyrocketing, Peezy’s rise to the topis progressing quickly. Now signed to Sick Wid It Records, 300 Entertainmentand Atlantic, Peezy’s future as a hip-hop icon is secured. Regularly touringand performing to sell-out crowds while receiving recognition from some of themusic industry’s biggest publications, he’s now one of the hottest names in UShip-hop. Peezy is unique in many way, but his geographical heritageis what sets him apart from his peers. Hailing from the deep south and thenmoving to California (the home of West Coast hip-hop as we know it) Peezy isfamed for marrying the two distinct styles, bridging the gap in a way no otherrapper has accomplished. In an interview with FADER, the rapper declared:“I’m just mixing my world with they world and people seem to likeit.” OMB Peezy is on a mission to carve out an incredible career as amaster lyricist and his reputation continues to grow with every performance andrelease.


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