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Nissi Ogulu, simply known as Nissi, is a rising artist in the international music scene. The London-based singer’s music is a blend of genres including funk, highlife, and R&B. She started singing at age 6 and learned to play multiple instruments at a young age. Music runs in Nissi’s family. Her older brother is Burna Boy, a reggae dancehall rapper and their grandfather is Benson Idonije, a Nigerian broadcaster and esteemed music critic. Nissi studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Warwick in Coventry, England, but this did not deter from her from staying focused on her music career. Though music is Nissi’s primary passion, which she describes as her “truth to the world”, she has also become a multi-media artist who uses painting as a medium to express herself. Establishing her own art brand named NORRD, she hopes to share her personality and vision with the world through her aesthetic designs, describing her art as the “the universal art of Africa in music”. In addition to artwork, she also customizes clothing, as one half of the duo behind Moxie Lagos, an accessories line which is globally popular for its phone cases, among other items. Nissi’s artistic talent and entrepreneurial skills set her apart from other singers, demonstrating versatility, talent, and exceptional promise for the future.