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Michael Watford is an African American dance music singer, born in Virginia and raised in New Jersey. He is best known for his gospel-influenced vocals on house records throughout the ’90s and noughties. Four of his singles charted on the US Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart in the mid ’90s, including ‘So Into You’, which reached No. 1 in ’94. The same track peaked at Number 53 in the UK Singles Chart. His distinctive voice can also be found on unforgettable tunes like 1991s ‘Holdin On’, 1993’s ‘Love 4-2’, 1994’s ‘Happy Man’, 1995’s ‘Come Together’, 1996’s ‘Say Something’, 1997’s ‘You Got It’, 1998’s ‘As’ and 1999’s ‘For You’. Proving to be an unstoppable force in house music, Michael hit back after the turn of the millennium, with yet more dance tunes. He collaborated with Jon Cutler on floor fillers like ‘Whatcha Gunna Do’. Distributed by our very own MN2S label, this deep house track was unleashed in the mid noughties. Other collaborations worth mentioning include his work with Jamie Lewis on the 2006 tune, ‘It’s Over’. That same year, Michael also did vocal work for John Made, on the track ‘One More Time’. Distributed by Dream Beat, the Milan-based record label, this track once again offered fans plentiful helpings of Watford’s addictive and gravelly gospel voice. Still recording and gigging today, a Michael Watford show is an unmissable event for any house fan across the globe.


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