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Maya Diab is a Lebanese singer, actress, host and fashion icon who has a global social media following and is truly a worldwide tastemaker and trend setter. As such, she is arguably one of the most powerful celebrities in the Middle East and can add real weight and presence to any brand, event or function. With a Twitter following of almost 800,000 people, more than 2.5 million followers on Instagram and over 4 million fans on Facebook, the numbers more than back up these claims. Maya has appeared on plenty of TV shows around the world and is a key part of a popular series on Egyptian TV, whilst she has also presented on MTV before now. In 2016, Maya became the host of a widely watched game show named Is’al El Arab, and this only helped propel her yet further to celebrity stardom. In terms of her music career, Maya has had big hits with tracks like Gatifin — which has been viewed more than five million times on YouTube — as well as with Aywa and Ghmorni W Shedd Kilmi. Over the years, Maya has picked up plenty of awards for her fashion and beauty work and has been on the cover of many high profile magazines. She has also worked as ambassador for Makeup Forever throughout the Middle East and Asia, and is as admired for her on going and impactful charity work as she is her natural beauty and glamour. All this means that Maya is a powerful role model for women in the Middle East and wider world. .


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