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Live duo and song writing experts Life on Planets are an electronic music group from Baltimore in the United States, and they have started off their career with one of the most revered gigs you could imagine: playing at the widely acclaimed and cult creative space that is the Marcy Hotel. The Marcy is a legendary venue in Brooklyn run by acclaimed house producers, DJs and label bosses Wolf + Lamb, aka Zev and Gadi, and it has been instrumental in the careers of the likes of Nico Jaar and PillowTalk. This pair were the first people outside of the usual crew to play there in over two years, and with their soft speaking, hard rocking approach they made an immediate impact. The pair actually met in loft studios back home on the East Coast of the US. They began working together with their various musical backgrounds in art rock, indie and electronic sounds and soon found they were on to something special. Both characters are very different people with different personalities, but musically it results in a sound that is romantic and heartfelt and a perfect fit for the Wolf + Lamb affiliated Double Standard label to which they have been signed. Their music has also come on Better on Foot in the form of a first single, ‘Apollo’, back in 2014, and now touring their live act you can expect a heady brew of live vocals, guitars and a backing DJ and producer who help them bring proper song writing craft back to dance music.


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