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Cyril “K.Maro” Kamar is an artist, songwriter and entrepreneur born in Beirut but now best known throughout the world as a Canadian pop star. Singing in both French and English since the mid nineties, he is the boss of his own entertainment company K.Pone Music Group, which also incorporates a record label that is home to a wealth of well-known artists including Shy’m, Imposs, Ale Dee and Vaï. It was actually as part of the group LMDS that K.Maro first broke through into the Québec charts with a fresh hip-hop sound. Two albums followed that debut back in 1993 but it was as a solo artist that K.Maro really hit his stride. His first major hit was Femme Like U in 2004 and was a blend of hip-hop, r&b, proper song structure and hip swinging beats. In all he has now released three albums including Million Dollar Boy, Perfect Stranger and I am à l’ancienne. As well as his bristling solo output, K.Maro has also collaborated with the likes of DJ Shortcut, Moshine, Jimn Jones, Jonas Tomalty and many others. Now with a vast international fan base, K. Maro has his own line of chic clothing. Called Balbec it is named after his hometown in Lebanon and is just another one of the ways in which this hugely creative talent connects with people all over the world. READ MORE


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