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Keaton Henson is a musician and songwriter from England. He has released six albums during his career, but he tends to stay under the radar, releasing his music to the world without playing live very often. Henson is also a seasoned poet and has released his own graphic novel. Henson first began artistically expressing himself through illustrations instead of music, but he often used his artistic skills to create album artwork. His illustrations can be seen on the front of Enter Shikari’s album, Take to the Skies, and several other albums. However, Henson’s poetic skills led him to start recording his own music at home, intending never to share it with the world. However, he was luckily encouraged to share his music online, gifting his music to the world for the first time in 2010. Henson rose to fame when his collaboration with Zane Lowe was featured on the radio, leading him to form his own recording company and re-release his original music. His music since has been very unique, often not featuring vocals and being paired with some of his artworks. He often releases music without any warning, and his anxious personality has caused him to shy away from the spotlight. In 2020, he released his first album with vocals since Epilogue was released. Henson is certainly multi talented, and has also released his own graphic novel called Gloaming. The book doesn’t have any speech in it, similar to his music, and depicts a world where spirits reside. The book has been well received by critics and is another testament to his talent. Despite hiding from the world most of the time, Henson still has an impressive social media following, having gained over fifty thousand followers on Instagram. His Souncloud has also garnered over a million subscribers. READ MORE