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Kard stand out from the rest of the K-pop crowd as the only mixed-gender band on today’s K-pop scene. Known for their mix of diverse musical styles, from moombahton – a blend of eclecto house and reggae – to tropical, the group isn’t afraid to experiment with genres that haven’t previously been popular in their native South Korea. Known for their strong choreography on hit tracks such as ‘Hola Hola’ and ‘Bath Bomb’ and compelling live performances, Kard have a rapidly growing international fandom. Formed by DSP Media, the band is composed of members J Seph, BM, Somin and Jiwoo, and their name is taken from King, Ace, JokeR, & HiDden. J Seph and BM both trained under DSP Media who initially planned to form a hip-hop duo from the pair, but instead they joined Somin – previously a member of DSP Media’s Japan-based girl group Puretty – and Jiwoo, who had trained under FNC Entertainment. Kard released three singles before their debut – ‘Don’t Recall’, ‘Oh NaNa’ and ‘Rumour’. ‘Rumour’ hit the top of the iTunes’ K-Pop charts in Southeast Asia, Europe and US, and they released their highly anticipated debut EP Hola Hola in July 2017. Since then the band has been on an unstoppable rise, with several global tours and releasing their fourth mini-album Red Moon in 2020, led by the lead-track of the same name – a catchy EDM, trap and moombahton number that has become the trademark sounds of Kard. READ MORE