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Kaoma are the 90’s pop phenomenon behind the worldwide hit single ‘Lambada’. Released in 1989, this incredible pop track found international success, going Platinum in several countries and hitting No. 1 spots on charts across the globe, including Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the US Latin Chart. ‘Lambada’ is one of the greatest-selling singles of all time, having sold over five million copies worldwide. Follow-up singles ‘Dançando Lambada’ and ‘Mélodie D’amour’ achieved similar success, cementing Kaoma’s enduring position in the annals of pop music history. Made up of former members of the Senegalese band Touré Kunda, Kaoma are a French act with Brazilian heritage. As such, their diverse musical style draws from several global traditions, fusing Portuguese lyrics with Latin American sounds and contemporary pop production – ‘Lambada’ is named after a traditional Brazilian dance that inspired a worldwide craze upon the song’s release. Following the release of their debut single, Kaoma released ‘Worldbeat’, a debut album that went Platinum and Gold in countries worldwide and topped both the Brazilian and US Latin charts. The success of this record led to the group being awarded Pop Group of the Year and New Pop Artist of the Year at the 1990 Lo Nuestro Awards. Kaoma went on to release two more albums and tour the globe throughout the 90’s. The group are back in 2018, ready to bring their exotic rhythms back for electric live performances that will feature their timeless classic, ‘Lambada’. READ MORE