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Kali Uchis is an American singer with a huge fanbase and an even bigger range of talent. She has been on the music scene since 2012, but her crowning achievements so far are her two albums, released in 2015 and 2018. Uchis sings in both Spanish and English, appealing to an even wider audience across the world, and her impressive skills have also earned her a Grammy award. Uchis first released music in 2012 when she released a mixtape, Drunken Babble. Drawing on reggae and R&B to create her unique style, Uchis has long been sure-footed in her music. However, it wasn’t until 2017 that she really came into the spotlight. After collaborating with Gorillaz on their fifth album, she also worked with Jorja Smith and toured several festivals. As she was slowly being recognised as an up-and-coming talent, she was invited to tour with Lana del Rey, finally gaining global recognition after two Grammy nominations that slid under the radar somewhat. By the time her new album was released in 2018, she was on her way to stardom. Over the past few years, Uchis has enjoyed the success of her most recent album. Her song, Telepatia, became a TikTok sensation, and her music has featured in several TV shows. She also won her first Grammy in 2021 for the Best Dance Recording, celebrating her song, 10%, which she made with Kaytranada. Uchis is massively popular on social media, with almost three million followers on Instagram and a further eight hundred thousand on Twitter. She also has over a million Youtube subscribers who are all eagerly awaiting her next step in the music industry. READ MORE


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