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South Korean pop singer Kaeun is a versatile, vocally gifted and energetic performer whose charisma and personality has drawn fans from all over the world. She is best known as a member of the phenomenally popular girl group After School, which has won several awards for their music and performances. After School have adopted a unique ‘graduation’ model where members can go on to pursue strong solo careers after proving themselves within the group. Kaeun has proven herself in a range of skills, including singing, dancing, rapping, DJing, and acting. She first appeared in 2012 on their album Flashback, which was nominated for a Golden Disk Award and Seoul Music Award, making her the newest member. Kaeun has also starred in the televised drama The Idolmaster KR as a member of the girl group Red Queen. In 2018, the singer appeared on the joint survival competition Produce 48, with the goal of joining another girl group project. Though she reached the finals, Kaeun did not make the final cut, a decision which sparked outrage from viewers of the show, who thought her immaculate performance skills should have guaranteed her a spot. A few months later, an After School group member hinted at Kaeun’s possible debut with a new group, sparking excitement from fans who have been eagerly looking forward to her return. Fans can keep up with Kaeun through her active social media channels. READ MORE