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Jon Kaplan is a Grammy award-winning musician and record producer. He began his career focussing on music, playing as the bassist for The Hatters in the early nineties. However, since then, he’s put his focus on mixing music and working with big musical artists. Kaplan moved on from The Hatters and into a recording studio, focusing on helping other artists reach their own potential. During his time as an engineer, he worked with artist such as Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey and N’Sync. He worked his way up to the top and he eventually found himself with more responsbility and power in his work. Since he became a producer, Kaplan has been involved with many artists who perform in various musical genres. From Paul McCartney and Elton John to the Jonas Brothers and Sara Bareilles, Kaplan has knocked shoulders with anybody who is anybody in music. He has worked on eight Grammy nominated recordings, and he eventually saw his worked recognised when he won a Grammy for his mix of Zach Williams’ album, Chainbreaker. Over the span of his career, his work has featured on albums amounting to over twenty million dollars in profit. Kaplan’s work mostly occurs behind the scenes, but he has earned himself a respectable following on Instagram, where he has several hundred followers. He uses his platform to promote up and coming artists and share information about the work he’s done recently. READ MORE


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