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American singer, songwriter and music producer Jon B is a bestselling artists across the world, having had platinum and double platinum releases. Jon B has always been musical, and grew up surrounded by music as the son of a concert pianist and a professor of music. He was spotted and snapped up by Yab-Yum Records in the early 90’s, after he was found selling demo tapes in his local area. He also used to write prolifically for other artists including the Spice Girls, Tony Braxton, Michael Jackson and After 7, before releasing his debut album in 1995. Bonafide was an instant success, going Platinum in the US with Jon B also releasing the hugely successful single Someone to Love from the record. The single was nominated for a Grammy, and two years later he released his next album, Cool Relax which featured a guest performance from Tupac. The album has been certified Double Platinum and is the artist’s most commercially successful release. More records followed, including Pleasures U Like in 2001, Stronger Everyday in 2004 and Helpless Romantic in 2008. Jon B has also released two singles more recently in 2019 and is set to release his eighth studio album in the coming months. This legendary singer, writer and producer is one of the most familiar voices in pop music, and has been a key part of the R&B scene for more than 25 years. READ MORE