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John Rausch is a very successful music producer and sound engineer. He has worked with some of the biggest artists in the music industry, and was nominated for a Grammy for his work on Taylor Swift’s hit album, Red. He is very much behind the scenes in his line of work, but without him, many of the artists in the industry wouldn’t be where they are now. Rausch began his journey into music production and engineering when he was mentored by Eddie Ciletti, a powerhouse in the music industry. He learned everything he now knows from him, and he took the skills he learned into his career. It wasn’t long before Rausch’s talent became known, and he began picking up some very successful artists. Some of his most significant collaborations have been with Taylor Swift, One Direction’s Niall Horan, P!nk and Florence and the Machine. He was nominated for his Grammy at the young age of twenty four, making the achievement even more impressive. Many people have never heard of Rausch, but his contributions to the music industry are huge. Without him, music just wouldn’t be the same. He remains content to be a man behind the scenes, but he does have a respectable following on Instagram of six hundred followers. He uses his platform to share information about the projects he works on and to promote the artists he works with. READ MORE