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When thinking of the archetypal Soundcloud rapper, the mind is immediately drawn to slurred barely-there vocals and spooky, formulaic instrumentals, which makes Malachi-Phree Jasiah, better known as JASIAH, a breath of fresh air. With tens of millions of plays across Soundcloud and Youtube, the young Ohio native’s singular approach has already earned him collaborations with genre heavyweights 6ix9ine and Yung Bans and stylistic comparisons to the infamous XXXtentacion. Several common threads run through JASIAH’s music. Rarely pushing two minutes, his tracks feature gritty, heavily distorted basslines and screaming, punk-esque vocals, a truly dizzying combination capable of inducing a state of disbelief and confusion. That being said, JASIAH shows both self-awareness and playfulness on tracks like ‘So You Wanted Trap Metal’ and ‘HAHAHAHAHA’, with a breezy intro that drops ruthlessly back into line with a wall of sonic distortion and aggressively delivered flows. More recent efforts have demonstrated his ability to diversify from his signature sound, with 2019’s ‘Crisis’ pitting notably crisper hand percussion and tight basslines against a vocal performance that shows restraint while holding true to his punk influence. Teaming up with the notorious 6ix9ine for the explosive ‘Case 19’ in the first months of 2019, JASIAH seems bound for a rapid ascension through the ranks of U.S hip-hop, destined to perform on bigger and more illustrious stages in years to come.


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