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Infinite Coles is an up and coming rap artist and singer. As the son of Dennis Coles, better known to the world as Ghostface Killah, Coles has a lot to live up to, but with his haunting music and his unique sense of style, he’s sure to stand out from the crowd. Coles began his career in acting and modelling. He first showed his face to the world when he starred in Gang, a short film that mostly went under the radar, but since then, he’s also appeared in an advert for Apple and has modelled for Rihanna’s famous makeup brand, Fenty Beauty. He rejects gender norms in fashion, opting instead for being bold and beautiful without taking sex into account. It’s this attitude which has earned him fans over the past few years. As for his music, Coles is only just beginning. Following the release of his single, Lightning, in late 2020, he is making his way in the music world. He currently has just over seventy monthly listeners on Spotify, but with his social media popularity on the rise, it won’t be long before Coles is a household name. He now has over three thousand Instagram followers, and he uses the platform to share information about his music as well as photographs of his bold fashion choices. Since sharing his music on there, he’s already earned himself new fans, and plans to continue his rise to the top.