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Ghost are a popular Swedish rock band who formed back in 2006. Since then, they have gained millions of fans worldwide, earning themselves a place as one of the best rock bands ever. The eight-piece band have a magnetic stage presence unlike any other, and it has kept their fans interested for the past fifteen years. Ghost captivated audiences from their very first performance following the release of their album, Opus Eponymous. Their songs leant into their image, focussing on anti-religion and satanic implications. The band has long worn costumes to add to their effect, with the ‘nameless ghouls’ being led by lead singer, Tobias Forge, who went by the stage name Papa Emeritus. Though they formed in 2006, it wasn’t until 2010 that they were discovered and signed, following them uploading their music to MySpace. After they gained popularity, Ghost went on tour with the death metal band, Paradise Lost, before embarking on their own tour. Their music was met with praise from critics all over the world, and they earned themselves their first award at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards. From there, the only way was up for Ghost, and they are still in the spotlight to this day. Ghost have managed to maintain their popularity over the years, and they have almost a million subscribers on Youtube. They also have a large social media following, with seven hundred thousand Instagram followers and a further hundred thousand on Twitter. They use their platform to promote their latest album, Prequelle, and share information about the band.