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Hard-hitting London grime MC and rapper Ghetts has established himself as the capital’s most prominent grime artists. Beginning writing in 2003 he has since released countless successful mixtapes, singles, EPs and critically acclaimed albums. His 1st mixtape 2000 & Life changed the game in the grime world, as did his 2nd 2007 mixtape Ghetto Gospel – each achieving cult status among those in the genre. His darker 2008 mixtape Freedom of Speech firmly rooted Ghetts as one of grime’s most influential voices. Following this, his 2010 4th mixtape The Calm Before the Storm – a unique fusion between hip-hop and grime – won the Official Mixtape Award. In 2011 he released his 5th mixtape Momentum as well as the single “Sing For Me (Electro Remix)” which was signed by All Around the World Productions. Following the release of his 6th mixtape Momentum 2 (Return of the Gospel) in 2014, Ghetts released his debut album Rebel With a Cause under the independent label Disrupt. In the same year, Chris Brown co-signed Ghetts as well as sharing his track “Feel Inside”. His next album, Ghetto Gospel: The New Testament, arrived in 2018, as did the singles “Listen” and “Drill Work”. In 2019 he made a high-profile collab with SHY FX in the song “Bad After Week”, reaching over 5 million streams. 2020 saw him release 2 sensational singles, “IC3 ft, Skepta”, which reached 2.5 million streams and 1 million views, and “Mozambique ft. Jaykae and Moonchild Sanelly”, with 2.7 million streams and 1.5 million views. Through his extensive and impressive career, Ghetts has kept true to his unique style, all while pushing the boundaries of grime. He is one of the genre’s most influential figures and one of the UK’s most exciting rappers.


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