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Cuban Reggaeton group Gente de Zona are best known for their smash-hit single ‘Bailando’, produced in collaboration with singer Enrique Iglesias, a worldwide success that earned three Latin Grammy Awards. As the first Cuban duo to hit Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs Chart, Gente de Zona have been instrumental in revolutionising the Cubatón music genre and have since worked with world-class artists such as Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez, and Kylie Minogue. Forming in 2000, Gente de Zona have been refining their sound and honing their craft for over fifteen years, evolving from a grass-roots rap act to a globally recognised hit-producing collective. Eager to entertain and inspire his local neighbourhood of Alamar, Havana, Alexander Delgado created the moniker Gente De Zona, which translates to “People Of The Neighbourhood”. After stepping on the world stage in 2014 with ‘Bailando’, Gente de Zona found global acclaim and commercial success, releasing a series of hit singles throughout 2015, including ‘La Gozadera’ and ‘Traidora’, the latter featuring artist Mark Anthony. Embarking on their first US tour in 2017, Gente de Zona raised their ambitions and claimed the public eye. They have accumulated close to 150 million views on YouTube with their recent single ‘Si No Tu Vuelves’ and have reached nearly 100 million views with the Jennifer Lopez collaboration ‘Ni Tu Ni Yo’, proving that international demand for Latin music only continues to grow, and Gente de Zona remain at the forefront of the global scene.