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Gank Gaank’s sun-kissed take on South Florida trap music is proving popular with both hip-hop fans and music critics alike. Originally from Broward County, Florida, Gank Gaank has amassed a dedicated Instagram following of close to 50,000 followers and was named as one of “5 rappers from South Florida you should know about” by The FADER. His recent feature on Mike Smiff’s ‘My First Hunnit’ has blown up, racking up over 250,000 views, while the YouTube video for the incendiary trap bombshell ‘Pain and Pressha’ has amassed over 2 million plays. The rapper has recently signed a deal with a record label and hip-hop collective, Kamp 36 Entertainment. Recent tracks such as ‘Pass My Limit’ and ‘Back on Go’ have showcased the diversity of this promising artist, capable of moving from unrestrained aggression to smooth melodicism across releases that have impressed both critics and fans alike. His vocals exude an edgy gospel-influenced sound on tracks like ‘Smoke with Nobody’ and ‘Hopefully’. However, it is his recent collaboration with Slip-n-Slide records signee Mike Smiff that has set the hip-hop community alight with praise. Gank Gaank is emblematic of South Florida’s hip-hop scene which, in recent years, has become a dominant force on the national stage, thanks to streaming sites like Soundcloud and YouTube. Gank Gaank’s music looks beyond the genre’s typical boundaries by incorporating elements of Caribbean music and Latin flavours. With each of his tracks quickly becoming viral sensations, Gank Gaank looks set to be the next world-class rapper to come out of South Florida. .


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