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Brittany Foushée’s, better known as Foushée, lilting and lyrical alt-soul style mixed with otherworldly colours and powerful messages has seen her become one of the most promising artists of our time. New Jersey born and raised, the singer has long done the rounds of the New York and Los Angeles scene, but it was in fact an anonymous sample on TikTok which put her name on the map. Written initially in 2018 as a collection of royalty-free samples, the singer’s “Deep End” was famously used in a 2020 TikTok video accounting for millions of views. Once revealed it was Foushée’s beautiful voice behind the tune, the singer got the recognition she deserved. In then releasing an official version and video of the now smash single, she has accumulated hundreds of millions of streams and views across Spotify, YouTube and Soundcloud. This includes a freestyle version, the original as well as various remixes. The song’s eclecticism and stylistic fluency easily entrances the listener. Her powerful words resonated strongly with the world as well as showed Foushée’s own personal and social goals. A fierce advocate for the equality of Black women in music, Foushée is not only a barrier breaking artist, but also social activist. Her latest venture has been the single “single af”, which has now received over 400 thousand views and 20 million streams on Spotify. Her unique alt-soul sound, sprinkled with hard-hitting lyrics in a hip-hop and rap style, flows as naturally as the emotions she describes. Foushée hopes to soon release an album and use her influence for good. Her inescapable talent is destined for a bright future and hypnotic sounds more than ready to break through into the big time. .