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Known professionally as Fink, Fin Greenall, is an English singer, guitarist, songwriter, producer and DJ. Fink spends his time in between Berlin and London. Fink’s focus is on electronic music and DJ’ing internationally. He released his debut album Fresh Produce in 2000. Finks inspiration to create a career in music was his father, who was so passionate about his guitar. Growing up Fink always saw music as his natural calling and he knew that he would commit all his energy into creating music. Fink was also inspired by The Cure, The Smiths, The Orb and African music while growing up. However, as he was learning all about instruments, and sound, Fink found himself gravitating towards electronic and dance music. While he was a student, Fink worked for various labels based in London, such as Virgin’s Source, Def Jam, and Sony. He was also spending time remixing for various artists like Ryuichi Sakamoto and Elbow. Fink had also collaborated with Amy Winehouse, with whom he co-wrote the song Half Time. It was his 2007 album, Distance and Time, that attracted the attention of American singer John Legend, with whom Fink collaborated on some tracks for is album, Evolver. John Legend then collaborated on songs for Fink’s 2009 album, Sort of Revolution. After the release of this album, Fink went on tour to China and Australia for the first time. Fink’s most recent work was his writing in collaboration with John Legend, Banks, Ximena Sarinana and Professor Green. In 2019, Fink released the album Bloom Innocent. .


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