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Electrifying punk-rock band Face To Face may hail from California, but their influence spans the breadth of the globe. Forming in 1991 with the help of their monumental frontman, Trever Keith, the band have been performing to circle-pits of die-hard punk rock fans for over a decade, headlining alternative rock festival SnoCore tour and joining Vans distinguished Warped Tour. Face to Face announced a breakup in 2004 and performed ‘The Only Goodbye Tour’ to say farewell to their fans, with the iconic My Chemical Romance supporting these memorable concerts. However, the hiatus didn’t last long, and in 2008 the band announced that they would be reuiniting for select shows. Sure enough, this reunion snowballed into the group releasing three new albums – they themselves admit that they are ‘always hungry for the next thing’. Though originating decades ago, the nostalgic sounds that remind you of afternoons in the skate park remain relevant today. Keith is open about how the significance of the lyrics he wrote in the nineties about figuring life out as a twenty-something never quite wore away, as even into his fifties he has realised ‘there is no figuring any of this stuff out.’ Instead, he has decided that ‘ultimately, it’s just about trying to be a good human.’ That said, the band’s buoyant energy means that they are always looking to keep things fresh and lively: most recently, they’ve released an acoustic session album that takes their fans back to the band’s most iconic songs. With a sense of vitality that never seems to run out, these veterans remain a cornerstone of the contemporary punk-rock scene. .


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